Monday, November 08, 2010

Teen High Zombie Squad

The jaunty-yet-never-magniloquent Mr Darren Randall has revealed some footage from Teen High Zombie Squad! Here's the description from his blog:

"Teen High Zombie Squad began as a personal project I developed in my own time, working with the very talented stylings of my good friend James Brouwer, who developed the character designs with me. We merged our art styles together calling it "Brundle fly" resulting in the art style you see in the video. The project was pitched to Krome Studios where it was successful as far as getting a team of up to 12 assigned to the project. Under my direction, we created this trailer and a playable demo in 3 weeks (a lot of the art assets here were already built before the project was pitched to Krome). The trailer was successful in catching the eyes of a few different publishers but unfortunately Krome recently went into liquidation. As the creator, art director and co-character designer this is my most proud work to date."

**We should also mention that the environment concepts/stylings were done by the despicably talented Mr Jeremy Love.**

Teen High Zombie Squad Trailer from darren randall on Vimeo.


Kristian said...

ooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Lovin' it!
It's so cool seeing your amazing designs in 3D. Great work by all.

Mike Mañalac said...

It was nothing short of a tragedy that this didn't get made! I had this trailer on repeat the first day I found out about it.

D L Randall said...

Yeah it took a lot of hard work just to get it this far at that place. It's a shame it didn't get made but not at all surprising that it didn't considering what we were up against.