Saturday, April 24, 2010

...what just happened?

Yesterday was my last day at Krome Studios.

I gave 2 weeks notice on Thursday, and having accrued about 2 weeks leave meant that I resigned on Thursday, left on Friday - must be the shortest notice period I've ever worked.

I'm still reeling from the sudden departure; there's no denying Krome has had its issues, but they were willing to give me a chance back in 2007, 6 months after I came back to Australia from 3 years overseas.

So thanks to everyone at Krome - for their repartee, buffoonery, helpfulness and generosity through often trying circumstances. You will be missed.


Mike Mañalac said...

Likewise Mr. Brouwer, our random conversations about blog topics and the like will be missed!

I was amazed when I heard the announcement. 'He got away! noooooooooooooooooo!' was my first reaction.

The best of luck to you buddy, keep in touch! (or I will spam the heck out of your blog)

Kristian said...

Wowsas! A free man. Now I expect greater output on this blog.

James Brouwer said...

Ahahaha thanks, Mike!

Sorry, Kristian - starting a new job on Monday, so just the the usual sporadic output, I guess...

Anonymous said...

hey congratulations little brother! hope you get more time with that norman rockwell illustration you call a family.

James Brouwer said...

Ha! Thanks, Dr Bill!