Friday, November 06, 2009

Catching Up

Whoa, Internets! Where did October go? Blogwise, I fell a bit behind with work business and sickness - here's a late Halloween pic and some other randoms.


Ryan Green said...

Wow...I love the girl on the dragon! Great transition of color as it fades into the fogginess.

James Brouwer said...


Kristian said...

incredible! you get all the subtlties of watercolour in the dragon piece

James Brouwer said...

Thanks, mister! I do miss the old brush and paper.

Jose Ramos said...

The first one isawesome dude!.
I like it a lot !!

Mike Mañalac said...

I LOVE the dragon rider - are you going to submit it into the group blog? The colours are great, reminds me of Bengal's stuff (Pastelle'y colours..brilliant!).

Teach me how to draw people please.

James Brouwer said...

Thanks Mike! Here's my technique:

1. Draw head
2. Draw body

So can you teach me to paint environments now, huh? Huh?