Friday, November 06, 2009

Catching Up

Whoa, Internets! Where did October go? Blogwise, I fell a bit behind with work business and sickness - here's a late Halloween pic and some other randoms.


Ryan Green said...

Wow...I love the girl on the dragon! Great transition of color as it fades into the fogginess.

james p brouwer said...


Kristian said...

incredible! you get all the subtlties of watercolour in the dragon piece

james p brouwer said...

Thanks, mister! I do miss the old brush and paper.

Jose Ramos said...

The first one isawesome dude!.
I like it a lot !!

Michael Manalac said...

I LOVE the dragon rider - are you going to submit it into the group blog? The colours are great, reminds me of Bengal's stuff (Pastelle'y colours..brilliant!).

Teach me how to draw people please.

james p brouwer said...

Thanks Mike! Here's my technique:

1. Draw head
2. Draw body

So can you teach me to paint environments now, huh? Huh?