Thursday, October 25, 2007

This One's For Mr. Timbo

I've been using the tonal colouring technique lately - here's a quick guide.

Black & white to start...

A 'colour' layer to bring the shades closer to skin tones.

'Multiply' and 'colour' layers to block in skin tones.

A 'normal' layer to add more detail plus 'overlay' and 'colour' layers for mottling and hilights.

More 'normal' and 'overlay' layers to add hilights and details.


Kristian said...

its like having you sitting next to me all over beans

Bobby Pontillas said...

thanks for sharing your process. I dont ever have much luck going from grayscale to color, need more practice!

James Brouwer said...

I just checked out your blog, Bobby... Practice shmactice!! Very nice stuff, extra points for use of the word 'popozao'!

If you listen hard enough, Kristian, you can almost hear my whiney voice... 'Do it again! Better! Faster! More monkey! Blaaarg!!!'

Anonymous said...

mmmm octomaid, hot.